California: Thousands of Sex Offenders to Get Early Parole

A Californian judge has ruled that to stay in line with the new law regarding granting early parole for convicted felons, thousands of sex offenders will be eligible to back on the streets much sooner than expected. IN a state that already has incredibly lenient sentences, the idea that releasing sex offenders back into the community is a bad idea made worse.

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner is basically just following laws brought in by Governor Jerry Brown, who “promised,” voters that sex offenders would be excluded from what amounts to an “amnesty” for felons. Apparently, the powers that be are now claiming that it will only apply to non-violent sex offenders. Let’s take a look at who the soon to be released might include:

  1. Those who rape through the use of drugging.
  2. Those who sexually assault someone they have not personally restrained.
  3. Those who pimp out children.
  4. Those who collect child pornography.
  5. And many more

What does California think it’s doing????

How can sane citizens keep voting for monsters who would rather give felons back their voting rights, release sexual predators back into their communities, and can’t manage the economy?

Is it too late for California? Is it too far gone in terms of poverty, crime, illegal immigration?

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