Can a Clinton be “Heartsick”? Insider claims Bill Clinton is ‘heartsick’ over Hillary’s book tour

It is being reported by “close sources” that former President Bill Clinton is left feeling “heartsick” over wife (and former presidential candidate) Hillary being away on her book tour. Could it really be true that the two still actually care for each other? Or even that this marriage is more than just a political marriage of convenience?

The tour for Hillary Clinton’s latest book, “What Happened”, is taking her all over the country on a series of interviews, book readings, broadcasts, and even lectures and speeches…It’s almost as if this were the beginning of her political campaign primary.

I find it hard to beleive that Hillary Clinton is doing a book tour to promote her book. There are enough people in the country who either love her or despise her enough to buy the book without her having to tout it.

Something else is going on here below the surface. Don’t be too surprised to see her exclaiming about her “new energy levels” and “conversations I’ve had around the country with women who…” etc… This is her grand relaunch, it has nothing to do with a book that for all intent and purpose is one long excuse as to why people didn’t vote for her.

Add this to the fact that California is moving its primary date forward, something is happening in the DNC. Will Hillary break away and try to run as an independent? Or will she be “the outsider who defies the odds to become the candidate?”

Either way, it is all theater for someone who believes they have a right to rule.


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