The Case Against Moore Crumbles

If you’ve noticed that the MSM has gone dark on the allegations surrounding Judge Roy Moore, it’s not because Senator Al Franken has stolen the limelight, it’s because the whole case is in the process of collapsing. The media don’t want you to know about it, so they are just not reporting on it rather than exposing the facts that are coming out, hoping that it will be enough to sink Moore’s candidacy.

Breitbart reports that the suspicious signature on Beverly Young Nelson’s yearbook ahs an oddity that they have finally explained. The alleged signature says” Roy Moore DA,” but at the time, Moore was not actually a DA. His law clerk, however, has stated that she would initial his court papers at the time when they used a stamp for his name t show that the stamp was authenticated…Guess what her initials are…”DA.”

Delbra Adams “DA”, claims that the signature in the yearbook contains her initials as she would write them. This completely disproves the idea that Moore signed Nelson’s yearbook and destroys any shred of “evidence” against him.

It shows that the whole thing is a fabrication of lies and plots to discredit a Trump-supporting candidate prior to his (previously) unassailable election.

And this is why the media have shut down reporting on Moore. If they wrote anything, it would have to include the bombshell that this was likely a Democrat plot to get him out of the running, and they are not willing to do that…so they stay silent on the whole matter.

What a disgrace!

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