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Catalonia Declares Independence from Spain – Then the Fascism Begins

The autonomous region of Spain, Catalonia has declared independence from the Madrid government in a move that has enabled the Spanish government to step in and remove the elected representatives…They have even threatened the PArliamentarians with “charges” that could amount to treason.

For many years, the Spanish authorities have been trying to flood the Catalan region with non-Catalans in the hope of watering down the native vote. These actions came to a head just a few weeks ago when the Catalan government held an independence referendum (which was not sanctioned by the Spanish government). Instead of just ignoring the “vote” as a protest, Spain sent in the police to put a stop to it. People were beaten and left bloodied in what can only be described as a fascist exercise.

The European Union fully backed Spain’s efforts to shut down democracy. And then Spain announced that it would trigger Article 155 of its Constitution to take back the autonomous region’s powers. Because of this threat, Carles Puigdemont, the Catalan President announced that Catalonia was now a “free and independent country.”

The Catalan parliament voted 70-10 to become independent (out of 130 seats, the opposition party refused to attend). The move was met with anger by EU leaders and Spain.

What people are failing to realize is just how much power the EU has in this. In 2014, Scotland held a referendum on separating from the UK. The EU hailed it as an exercise in Democracy, but only because Scotland said it would leave the UK but NOT the EU. This time, Catalonia wants to leave the shackles of the EU, and this, they will not allow.


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