Caught on Mic: Pelosi tells Politician to say he’s a Muslim to win Crowd Over

Many have accused Democrats of only caring about minorities and other religions because it gets them votes.   Nanci Pelosi has recently confirmed this when she was caught on a hot mic telling Andre Carson to tell the crowd that he was a Muslim.  Listen to the short video clip below, you’ll barely hear it, but then we’ll replay a clip with the audio cleaned up which will make it much more obvious:

Did you hear it? It’s very faint, Pelosi says “Tell them you’re a Muslim” at least twice. What’s really strange is, if you read Andre Carson’s online biography on his website he makes no mention of Islam or Muslim:

Read Carson's Bio

Listen to the cleaned up audio version below

It’s pretty low when you’d misuse the same religion you’re supposed to represent in an effort to try to win the crowd over, I’d personally never do something like that, but then again, I’m not a democrat!

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