CDC Banned Words List is a Media Sham – Here’s the Reality

So the big story of the day is that President Trump has blacklisted a range of words from use by the CDC. Media is blowing up in anger saying that “he” is the one against free speech. But is it really all that is seems to be? Or is it not quite the story that the MSM would have you believe.

The list of words includes: “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender” and “fetus.”  Here’s the thing, these are all words that have a political bent. And this is the issue. The Trump Administration has NOT banned the words from being used by the CDC, BUT ONLY from their budget report request.

Words like “vulnerable”, “entitlement,” and “diversity,” are not useful words as they are not quantifiable, therefore, they have absolutely NO PLACE whatsoever in a budget report.

Transgender, on the other hand, should have no place in a budget report because the CDC is tasked with dealing with and preventing disease. Regardless of one’s opinion on transgenderism, it doesn’t matter how much an individual feels that they are misgendered, it matters just about their physicality when dealing with disease, cure, and prevention. A man who identifies as a woman (or the reverse) does not change their chromosomes or their cells when they change their outer appearance. So it is in no way useful in a CDC budget report.

The word “fetus” however, could be politically motivated. But the media want us to focus on “hate” and “bigotry”; so they have not tackled this word. They have tackled the “idiot’s version.”

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