Charged Arsonist Claims Demonic Possession as a Defense

A 24-year-old woman from Williamsport Pennsylvania decided to use a very rare defense when she was charged with arson.   Chasity S. Carver was arraigned before District Judge Allen P. Page III on six counts each of arson endangering persons, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person and one count each of aggravated arson and arson endangering property.

At the end of her arraignment, Carver began claiming she was possessed by demons. She began speaking to herself and became almost completely inconsolable. Carver was upset that she was the only person going to prison and not her demon possessor.

District Judge Allen P. Page III remained calm during the proceeding. He eventually recommitted Carver and her Demonic Possessor in lieu of $500,000 bail. Her preliminary hearing has been scheduled for June 22.

Defendent Chasity S. Carver was escorted to the city court house Wednesday afternoon to be arraigned on charges of arson and assault.

The Crime

Carver set a house on fire in the city of Williamsport. Surveillance video captured her in the act, but police were having trouble identifying her. Carver was eventually recognized in the surveillance video by her clothes when she wore them in to see her probation office. Carver was already on probation for shop lifting. When her probation officer recognized the clothes, Carver was arrested.

Source: Williamsport Sun Gazette
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