Charlottesville Protest – First Degree Murder Charge

James Fields Jr., the man made famous at the Charlottesville rally when he drove a car into a crowd killing one and injuring many more, has been charged with first-degree murder (upgraded from the initial second-degree charge).

Prosecutors are seeking to find if Fields crossed state lines with the intention of committing violence which would justify the first-degree charge. One thing is very clear…He is guilty of murder; now it is up to the courts to decide upon what kind of murder and what an appropriate sentence would be.

We can all agree that this was not a good person; he resorted to violence that resulted in the loss of life, but what astounds me is the Social media backlash.

Whenever there is a terrorist attack (and let’s be fair, this guy killed someone with an “ideology” fresh in his mind), the left rush to denounce any who suggest that it is a problem with Islam, but these same folks are not so keen to rush to the defense of other white folks who also did not engage in terror activities. Why is that?

Could it be because they hate white people? Could it be because they are so twisted in the mind that they equate “whiteness” with something negative? It is this very attitude that likely drove Fields into the lunacy of his own sick ideological fantasies. Sure, he had to have been a little sick to even get started, but the constant demeaning of white folk would have surely added to his delusions.

We would never tolerate the denigration of black folk, or brown folk based on the color of their skin, so why should we tolerate it for white folk? It is this denigration that is causing division to spread. The left like to say that America is a more racist and bigoted place then it was before, and they might be right, but they share part of the responsibility.

It’s time to start judging people on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

This would likely not have prevented Fields doing what he did (he is, after all, entirely responsible for his own actions, as are other terrorists), but it might just make the country a nicer place to live.

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