Chicago Cop Reprimanded for Supporting America

In Chicago, a police officer has been officially reprimanded for posting a picture of himself holding an American flag; the post said: “I stand for the anthem,” “I love the American flag” and “I support my president and the 2nd Amendment.”

But this isn’t just a white officer being reprimanded for stating his views, two black officers were also reprimanded for kneeling down in a photo with raised fists. Chief police spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, apparently said that “all three officers have been given reprimands for violating department rules that prohibit them from participating in any partisan political campaign or activity while on duty.”

And this is the point: apparently, respecting the flag and the anthem and your country is now considered a ‘partisan political activity.” How is this even a basically sensible proposition? Isn’t the role of a police officer to support the laws and notions of the nation?

Every day that these brave officers are showing their patriotism by working hard for their communities.

But is this the left admitting that the ‘take a knee” protest is actually nothing to do with race, but are an anti-Trump movement? If that is te case, then isn’t it fair to ask NFL players to stop getting involved in “partisan politics?”

According to WLSAM:

The mayor wants rank-and-file officers to make connections with regular Chicagoans to try to mend some of the distrust that has built up toward the department, especially among black and Latino residents. But he said while the black officers in the photo were trying to do that, they ran afoul of the department policy in the process.

“They were somewhat betwixt, between two different aspirations,” Emanuel said.

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