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China Joins the Fight Against North Korea

In a stunning announcement, Chinese officials have said that as part of International sanctions against the North Korean regime, they are telling all NK businesses and Joint ventures operating in China that they now have just 120 days to close up and move out.

The move comes on top of ever-increasing tensions in the area. To date, it has appeared that Beijing has been remaining aloof to the Kim regime, but this is a decisive and determined action that shows the leading party takes the North Korean rhetoric very seriously.

Unlike actions and sanctions from other countries, when the Chinese government decides to do something, they often act quickly and with ruthless efficiency.

This will be a major issue for NK, as China is their biggest export partner by a huge amount (rumored to be around 95%). The decision also means that oil, coal and fabrics will also be under sanctions. Not only this, but it likely means that labor from NK will also be asked to leave…This is one of the largest revenue sources for the regime.

Without China’s cooperation in this, international sanctions would be largely ineffective; it is a bold and positive move that will apply far greater pressure on Pyongyang than all other United Nations countries could combined.

There is finally some international consensus on North Korea. And this is likely the action needed to stop further threats and missile tests.

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