Chuck Schumer: “It’s Racist To Only Allow Citizens To Vote”

Senator Chuck Schumer has shown who he really represents with a series of messages that undermine the entire concept of citizenship.

He said:

“If the president wants to truly show that he rejects the discrimination agenda of the white supremacist movement, he will rescind the executive order that created this commission.”

And then continued his diatribe with Tweets:

“On where we go after #Charlottesville: It’s time to end the assault on voting rights. My latest on @Medium.” He also tweeted, “And if @POTUS won’t disband the Election Integrity Commission, @SenateDems will try to do it on a must-pass bill in September.”

Is he insane? Wasn’t he recently decrying the idea that a “foreign” element was impacting the democracy of the United States? Isn’t letting non-US citizens deciding the outcome of US elections exactly the thing that the whole Russia probe is looking into?

Schumer is being idiotic here. When he says it is racist, who is it racists against? Aren’t there white folk in the world who aren’t American? So if some whites turn up and demand a vote, is the president being racist by denying them?

And how exactly would this insanity work? If non-citizens can vote, it would be pretty easy to get planeloads of people to just visit and vote to swing key seats…then send them back home.

Schumer does not care about America, he cares about Schumer and how many votes he can pck up from indoctrinated liberals.

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