Citizenship for Millions Just Not Enough for Dems – What Do They Really Want?

What is it that the left and the Democrats really want? They have been offered a path to citizenship for millions of DACA recipients, they have been offered plenty…But still, they are holding out. So the question remains, what will make them happy?

First, let’s look at why this offer isn’t enough. If they did actually care about the well-being of DACA recipients, surely they would want them to get a pathway. By not agreeing, they are risking that, so the prize they are after must be far larger.

What they really want is to guarantee¬†electoral success for years to come, until the Republican party is so broken that they can never challenge the Democrat Hegemony again. And they want it now because Trump’s policies are working.

The Never-Trumpers are even coming round to his way of doing politics. Democrat voters are switching. Black Americans are seeing that identity politics has failed them and that economic politics are helping more and more people (black and white) into work.

If this continues, they will be out of office for a long time (Trump’s second term and a Trumpist¬†follow up for two-terms), which will spell the end of the present Democrat hierarchy.

So what they really want is an exercise in self-flagellation¬†by Trump. They want him to implode and then admit that he has imploded…Nothing else can rescue them, they will not take a deal.