Clinton Backer funded Half a Million Dollars to Pay Trump Accusers

Susie Tompkins Buell, a major Clinton donor, has been found out that she gave half a million dollars to a fund to pay women to come forward and accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct in the days running up to the election.

The New York Times reports that Buell gave the money to Lisa Bloom (daughter of Gloria Allred) in order to pay the women money on the condition that they accuse the potential president.

“It doesn’t cost anything to publicly air allegations,” Bloom said. “Security and relocation are expensive and were sorely needed in a case of this magnitude, in a country filled with so much anger, hate and violence.” This was her excuse!

She says it doesn’t cost to publically air accusations, and this is true, but that in no way means that the money wasn’t offered, and could have made people think about making accusations to get cash!

This is plain ridiculous! The idea that someone can offer money for people to come forward with accusations, they have to expect that people will lie to make a payday! Especially with the sums involved! Anyone who thinks otherwise is disingenuous and foolish!

How much corruption was there in the Clinton campaign? Why is there no investigation into this major smear campaign?

The time to move on from the Clinton era is now!

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