CNN May be Sold Off- Dem Blames Trump

In a ridiculously partisan piece in The Hill, former Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas) has twisted the potential sell-off of CNN as part of a monopolies commission directive for the merger of AT&T and Times-Warner as a politicized move by the president.

President Trump did not create the monopolies commission, nor does he have control over which laws are enforced. The fact is that these rules are in place to stop one company from having too much power and influence over what goes out on the airwaves. If they are not enforced, then there is a likely chance that the press will be far too leaning in one direction with agenda and personal ideology.

“In order for AT&T to secure antitrust approval from the government to merge with Time Warner, AT&T would have to either sell DirectTV or Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting, which includes CNN — the cable news network repeatedly attacked by the president for its unfavorable coverage of his administration.”

So what?

If the president has spoken out against CNN bias, it is only because it is obvious and apparent. The merger does not have to sell off CNN, they could sell off other parts. It is not as though CNN is raking in the viewers it used to. They will try to use this an excuse to trash the president when in reality, they will do it for no other reason than to make more money.

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