College Republican Suing Antifa over 1st and 2nd Amendment Abuse

The former president of the Berkeley College Republicans, Troy Worden, is taking Antifa and BAMN member, Yvette Felarca to court for $100,000 in damages after she and her lawyer tried to make “exercising the First amendment Expensive!”

Worden claims that Felarca repeatedly threatened and harassed himself, and others whilst on campus. A press release for the case was issued stating:“Felarca filed a frivolous restraining order that restricted Worden’s First and Second Amendment rights and made it difficult for him to move around the campus to attend classes. The restraining order was dismissed on Oct. 27, 2017.”

Felarca is a known troublemaker who is “is twice-over out on bail for charges of assault, resisting arrest, and inciting a riot,” She leads a group of By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) who are known for their violence, intimidation, and rioting.

“Felarca and her attorney attempted to make free speech expensive, and it is time that they pay for their misuse of the court system,” said Worden’s legal counsel.

“Yvette Felarca and By Any Means Necessary have brought frivolous restraining orders against multiple persons in the last year – including myself – in an attempt to stifle free speech with which they disagree and would like to silence. All those restraining orders have been dismissed,” and this is the reality. They are well-funded and seek to silence people who do not have the money to pay for expensive lawyers. Who are the real fascists?

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