Collusion Revealed! FBI and DOJ Targeted Trump!

Te long-awaited memo has finally been released and it really does show that the DOJ and the FBI went beyond their bounds to try and take down a sitting president. Despite the media trying to spin this as a let-down (damage control), the fact remains that “evidence” was presented to the FISC that the FBI knew to be bought and paid for by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. They did not inform the judge who issued the FISA warrants (4 times) of this little factoid.

The left is trying to spin this as being all about Papadopoulos being suspected back in 2013, and therefore nothing to do with the Dossier, but this ignores the glaring truth that it was renewed 3 TIMES based on evidence they knew to be fraudulent! Why is this so hard to understand.

What is needed now is an investigation into why the FISA judges were not informed, why the FBI and DOJ knowingly submitted as evidence material they knew to be a) pure opposition research paid for by those who wanted to stop Trump and b) information they knew was tainted by Steele’s own bias.

Do you remember when Donald Trump said way back when that Obama and his cronies were spying on him at Trump Tower…And the media laughed and called him paranoid…Well, it seems he nailed it. They were spying on him, it was directed by the FBI and the DOJ, and it was all because the Democrats, teh DNC and teh Clinton Campaign had provided their opposition research to them.

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