Conservative Students Take Legal Action Against UC Berkeley

Two conservative student groups who invited Ann Coulter to speak at UC Berkeley filed a lawsuit against the university on Monday, for violating their first amendment rights. The Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America’s Foundation are seeking “monetary damages arising from the unconstitutional actions”, compensation for legal costs and an injunction against Berkeley officials for “restricting the exercise of political expression on the UC Berkeley campus.” Coulter is not a plaintiff in the case but firmly supports it.

The college canceled Coulter’s speaking engagement, set for April 27th, over “safety concerns”. They cited the riot that took place, earlier this year, when Milo Yiannopoulos was to hold a lecture and the antifa instigated clash between patriots and “anti fascist” fascists at a recent free speech rally on campus, later dubbed “The Battle of Berkeley”. Well here’s an idea… if police are allowed to do their jobs and uphold order, maybe things won’t escalate to that level.

FILE PHOTO: Commentator Ann Coulter addresses the Conservative Political Action conference (CPAC) in Washington, February 12, 2011. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo

The university offered to host the event at a different venue, after receiving backlash, but Coulter declined and pointed out that many students won’t be around that week, as there are no classes scheduled. She also stood her ground and stated that she is going on the original date, regardless of Berkeley’s decision.

More of this needs to happen. Our constitutional rights cannot continue to be challenged without a fight.

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