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The Constitution is in Very Real Danger Right Now!

It seems that every other day we hear that there is a new case detailing some minor chipping away at either the First or Second¬†Amendment, and we get outraged, but we carry on just the same. The reality is that these are not isolated incidents, but part of a grander scheme to do away with the actual constitution and replace it with a “liberalized” and “progressive” list of beliefs.

It has been happening for a long time, and would have continued at a faster pace had not Donald Trump been elected. The Globalists are at work to destroy the very idea of nation-state democracy and the basis of citizenship. If you examine the bases, it becomes all too clear.

When globalists talk of open borders, what does that mean for voting rights? Think for a moment. If there are open borders, who is a citizen? Wouldn’t it be discriminatory to call one person and a citizen and another not (or at least that is the approach they will take), and so who gets the right to vote in an election?

Once they have blurred the lines between citizens and non-citizens, they will state that the form of elections we use are no longer fit for purpose, and should be made “fairer” so we don’t disenfranchise anyone. So they will allow all to vote for parliamentarians, who will sit in front of a “council” that is “elected” only by those in parliament (which will be the best-funded people paid for by the globalists).

This is not a theory, it has happened already in Europe with the EU, and it is the model for the US.

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