Did Conyers Just Threaten to Bring Down the Whole SWAMP?

With the recent allegations against Congressmen John Conyers coming to light, he has stepped down from his position on the House Judiciary Committee on the understanding that once he is cleared, he will be resuming his post as the most senior Democrat (he was elected in 1965).

But a letter released by his lawyers suggests that Conyers sees this as a witch hunt based on an agenda…and here’s the biggest part: he suggests that “others” could well be in trouble if he himself is.

Was this a veiled threat to ring down all those who have had to pay out TAXPAYER money to extricate themselves from sexual harassment suits. According to BB4SP:

$17 Million paid to 264 staffers hush money funded by the taxpayers; it is quite literally taxpayer-funded Congressional Sexual Harassment Hush Money. 

Read the statement explaining why Conyers won’t resign:

What do you think? Is this a threat to release the names of other leaders who have been caught abusing their positions and the people who elected them? Or is it just a casual attempt to downplay the seriousness of the allegations.

In many ways, it is irrelevant whether people who are elected to office have affairs.  An affair is not a crime. But sexual harassment, especially in the workplace where there is a balance of power certainly is. And what’s more, so is using the taxpayer’s money to pay for your legal responsibilities. It is an offense to all good people that our elected officials use our money to pay off someone for crimes that they have committed.

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