Cop Under Investigation for Criticizing BLM

A St. Louis police officer is facing a serious investigation after he dared to criticize the behavior and actions of Black Lives Matters members whilst they rioted. He posted on his facebook account that they were “the Klan with a tan” and were basically “domestic terrorists.”

Then came the inevitable complaints. The lead instigator is Lisa Clancy, who said:

“Letting that behavior happen undermines the very trust and relationships that are very important right now, especially when our community is in such a crisis moment.”

But let’s look at the officer’s statements carefully. He said that their actions were like those of “domestic terrorists.” Well, guess what? That is exactly how the Department of Homeland Security also describes their actions! So where is the controversy? If they act like terrorists, talk like terrorists, and their actions are classified as such by the highest law enforcement agency in the nation, then they clearly ARE Domestic Terrorists!

And what about the term “Klan with a tan?” Sure it has negative connotations, but it was meant to! Is there anybody who could seriously disagree that this is a racial movement who use violence and terror to achieve racially motivated aims? Remember, the group was started by a cop murderer, 5 police officers were slain by a BLM supporter, what more proof do you need?

Was it an insensitive term? Probably. But was it inaccurate?

Of course, Clancy blames this on the old trope: “I think that their failure to condemn it publicly suggests that there’s systemic racism in the institution.” It couldn’t possibly be because he is right, could it?

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