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Couple Jump To Their Deaths After They Couldn’t Pay Their Healthcare Bill

A couple jumped to their death in Murray Hill early Friday. Seth Gottfried

A couple struggling to cover their healthcare bills jumped to their deaths early Friday in Manhattan. They left their suicide notes pleading both children be cared for, a law enforcement source told The Post.

Chiropractor Glenn Scarpelli (pictured) and his wife Patricia, ages 53 and 50, have been identified as the couple who jumped from a Manhattan office building

The bodies of this 50-year-old woman and a 53-year-old man, who claimed they’d had a “wonderful life”, were located at the center of the road 33rd Street between Park and Madison avenues in Murray Hill. The couple jumped out of the 9th-floor window of a 17-story corner office building on Madison Avenue at about 5:45 a.m., authorities said.

The girl had a suicide note in her pocket which read, “in sum and substance, ‘Our children are still upstairs, please take care of them,”’ the source mentioned.”Patricia and I had everything in life,” read the notice, which touched the few “monetary spiral” and the way “we can’t live with” that the “financial fact.”The source added a line of this notice contained words to this result: “We have health issues, we simply can not manage the healthcare. ”’The victims’ identities weren’t immediately released. Area employees who saw the aftermath of this tragic episode were stunned.

The suicide note recovered by police.Seth Gottfried
The suicide note recovered by police after a jump to their deaths . Seth Gottfried

“Once I got here in 6:05 a.m  I saw the lifeless bodies on the floor,” said a girl who’d only identify herself as Kazi, who works in the local 7-Eleven shop.”I was scared as I had never seen dead bodies before,” she explained. Another guy who works in the construction next door stated when he heard police sirens, he looked out the window and watched the two bodies. The couple’s dreadful deaths come in a time of national debate on replacing Obamacare.



  • Chiropractor Glenn Scarpelli and his wife Patricia, ages 53 and 50, have been identified as the couple who jumped to their deaths from a Manhattan office building early Friday morning 
  • In suicide notes, the couple said that they had found themselves in a ‘financial spiral’ 
  • They also asked their children, 20-year-old Isabella and 19-year-old Joseph, be taken care of
  • Public records showed that Glenn owed about $213,000 to the federal government and nearly $42,000 to the state in unpaid taxes dating back to 2003



Article source: New York Post

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