Decorated Green Beret is a Complete Fraud!

Papotia Reginald Wright an army vet, has been uncovered as Stealing Valor. He has lied about his position, his length of service and action his was involved with, and then used this to promote his situation in the community and even get access to the Giants.

Wright told members of the community and community leaders that he had served in the military Special Forces with over 25 years in uniform. In reality, he served just 8 years and never went beyond the rank of Specialist (most of his time was spent driving in Alaska, Texas, and Egypt).

His bio states:

“In August of 1982, [Command Sergeant Major] Wright was ordered to Fort Bragg, N.C., where he became a member of the U.S. Military Special Operations Command for over 25 years.

“CSM Wright circumnavigated the world while performing his duties when it pertained to defending America and her citizens for his actions.”

And this is not true.

Apparently, cases of stolen valor are more and more common, with authorities unable to cope with the number of charges coming in.

“It bothers us. Stolen valor is an epidemic. We cannot keep up with the cases sent to us,” one member of the group said.

“Wearing fake stuff — wearing a Ranger tab, Special Forces tab, those things are hard to earn. Wearing a Purple Heart…that stuff’s unforgivable there.”


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