Dem Candidate Arrested for Stalking Again – Why NO MSM Coverage?

So we are hearing constantly about a Republican candidate for high office being accused of Sexual harassment (and worse), yet based on no evidence whatsoever, he has been pilloried by the media and risks being thrown out of the party. I talk, of course, about Judge Roy Moore. But while this unproven scandal has been taking place, in New Mexico, another candidate for high office has been arrested yet again for sexually harassing and stalking women…But not a single shred of coverage from the MSM?!?!?

David Alcon was arrested and charged with stalking and harassing several years ago. Then he decided to run for State Congress with the Democrats. But they have now cut ties with him after he was arrested yet again for the SAME THING!

Why would two men, both running for election receive different amounts of coverage? Remember, with Roy Moore these are (as of now) just allegations; with Alcon, he has been convicted. Could it be because of which political party they represent? And could that have something to do with the shocking bias that exists within media broadcasting in the US?

Yet again, I find myself calling on the media to try and just do their jobs properly instead of trying to sell us a narrative that is based on their wishes rather than facts. These people are lying to you with the purpose of using you and manipulating you into buying their agenda and ideology. They do not care for you. In fact, they probably hate you. Enough is enough.

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