Dem Corrine Brown Gets 5 Years in Prison!

Former Democrat Rep for Florida, Corrine Brown has finally been sentenced for her crimes; she faces five years in prison. She had been found guilty of mail, wire and tax fraud involving a sham charity, and still denies that she was involved in deception despite clear evidence to the contrary.

The money she raised was spent on lavish parties and travel for herself and friends, the prosecutors demonstrated that these acts were in no way linked to her supposed charity work. Is this just another corrupt Democrat living the high life at the expense of others, or was it, as some suggest, part of a larger DNC plot to get money for campaigns that she ended up abusing?

It begs a larger question of how much involvement elected politicians should be allowed to have in charities and foundations. We know for a fact that OFA (Organizing for Action) is dedicated to pushing Obama’s agenda and is headed up by former Obama frontman Eric Holder…But how much of the work is actually just a screen for DNC campaigning?

And of course, there is the Clinton Foundation. How much more flew back into the DNC to help it and Clinton herself campaign for the presidency?

This is something that impacts both Democrats and Republicans. It is one of the reasons that there is so much money involved in politics, and as such, keeps the chances of an independent candidate getting in. Since when was politic supposed to be a preserve of the wealthy alone?


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