Dem Mayor Makes City Pay for Child Sexual Abuse Settlement

Former Mayor of Seattle, Democrat Ed Murray, and the city were forced to pay a settlement for accusations made against him in abusing and molesting young boys around 30 years ago.

Quite why this is the responsibility of the Seattle taxpayer is beyond me (and, I’m sure, the people of Seattle), The charges were originally against Murray alone, but when he began using city apparatus to defend himself, the city became a co-defendant.

Murray was accused by at least 5 men, who claimed that he sexually abused them as teenagers; one man says he was only 13 at the time. They accused him of using his position and money to have sex with them.

Murray has denied all charges and claims that the city’s decision to make a payout should not be a reflection of his guilt.

It seems strange that the city would not back up their mayor in this case if they fully believed in his innocence. But we should remember that Murray has not yet been charged by the law with sexual abuse.

Child Welfare investigators found in 1984 that Murray had sexually abused his stepson, according to the Seattle Times:

“In the professional judgement of this caseworker who has interviewed numerous children of all ages and of all levels of emotional disturbance regarding sexual abuse, Jeff Simpson has been sexually abused by … Edward Murray,” CPS caseworker Judy Butler wrote in the May 1984 assessment.


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