Democrat Rep: “White House is Full of White Supremacists”

The Democrat Representative for Florida, Frederica Wilson, has launched a full tirade against the Trump administration saying that the “White House itself is full of white supremacists.”

This comes after her feud with the president regarding his phone call to a Gold Star family. She says that President Trump said “He knew what he was getting into.” Which whether it is true or not, is not in any way an insult. It is a recommendation of bravery and courage on behalf of a soldier who knew the risks and took them anyway in support of his country.

If someone does something that others consider brave, but the person in question was not aware of the danger, then it is not brave. La David knew there were risks and he knew of the danger, yet he did it anyway…This is real courage, and the president was pointing this out.

Now that the public is beginning to realize what a monster Frederica Wilson is, she has decided to jump on the race-baiting bandwagon to draw attention away from her idiotic statements…by making yet another idiotic statement.

Her claims that the White House is full of White Supremacists have no basis in reality. Where is her proof or evidence?

She is simply trying to save herself from embarrassment by playing the race card. And of course, the MSM will fully back her up because they are complicit in the attempted destruction of the nation.


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