The Democrats Announce their Top Pick for 2020

If you were beginning to get worried about what might happen with Donald Trump in 2020, worry no longer. Based on a survey of top Democrats, the consensus is that they want Bernie Sanders to be their candidate to take on the president.

They say that according to all polling, Bernie would beat Donald easily…But is this right? Or is it just the same wishful thinking that made them lose in 2016?

There are some people who voted for Donald Trump because he was not Hillary Clinton; there were some who voted for Hillary because they believed in her and not in Bernie Sanders. But the fact is, that the Bernie base (although fantastic at getting out and campaigning) is tiny.

A lot of young people are keen on Bernie because he promises to get rid of their student debts and make college free…It sounds wonderful for the young, but is it realistic? The answer is no. He will argue that if we move money from defence, we can pay for college fees for everyone, which is true, but what are the ramifications? If college becomes free, everyone who doesn’t want to work, or who can’t find work (because his socialist policies have trashed the business economy). There will be millions more people applying to college because the economy is ruined, and what then will be the value of a college degree? Almost nothing.

If you doubt what happens when college becomes free, look at the UK. Free education means that students finish school and go to college…50% plus! This means that they don’t have people to work in regular jobs, so they import migrants. And when the kids graduate, there are no jobs. It is a life of debt and bad jobs.

Bernie’s biggest idea is, unfortunately, a disaster waiting to happen.

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