Democrats Just Don’t Learn!

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has AGAIN decided to tout the line that it was sexism and misogyny that kept her from the White House, completely ignoring the fact that more women decided to vote for Trump than Clinton.

At a Human Right Awards ceremony yesterday in George Town, Clinton said:

“Any of you who’ve read my book about ‘what happened’ know that I think misogyny and sexism was part of that campaign—it was one of the contributing factors,” Clinton said. “Some of it was old-fashioned sexism and the refusal to accept the equality of women, and certainly the equality of women’s leadership.”

Why can’t she understand that it wasn’t because she was a woman that people didn’t vote for her, it was because she is a horrible human being with a track record of being nasty and vicious?

There are plenty of great female leaders in the world, both now and in the past. And there are some great future leaders right here in America. Just look at Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN…Strong, smart, can handle herself on the world stage, respected by all…If you Hillary had run against Haley, she would have lost even more!!!

It’s time for Clinton and the Democrats to wake up from their fevered dream…It’s not us, it’s you!