Democrats Show their True Colors

The true hypocrisy of the Democrats has been exposed. When the Republicans voted to release the Devin Nunes memo, they stated that it was wrong, dangerous and an attack on US institutions like the FBI and the DOJ. They claimed it was irresponsible and reckless.

The Republicans voted for the release of the Nunes memo and Democrats voted against citing the above reasons.

Yet now the Democrats have a memo they want to be released, all of their supposed considerations have magically disappeared. They voted to release the Dem memo…As did the Republicans!

So the Republicans asked for transparency and they voted consistently, no hypocrisy here.

Yet the Dem voted for something that only a week ago they said was dangerous, reckless and an attack on American institutions!?!?!

Have they lost all self-respect? Do they no longer care about being seen as hypocrites?

You see, this is the difference between Democrats and Republicans; Democrats will do whatever helps them most at this precise moment regardless of principal. They will turn on a dime if they thing it will give them some minor advantage or accolade…And this is why they would be dangerous in government.

How can you trust a group to run a country f they only have immediate self0-interest at heart?

Some would make the case that Donald Trump only wants to make a legacy for himself. They may be right, but Trump wants that legacy to be the Greatest President of All Time and will work towards it…Regardless of short-term considerations. If he happens to Make America Great Again as a byproduct, good luck to him!