The Dems Last Attempt to Escape the Memo Storm

The Memo is finally being released…And the Dems are terrified.

From what we know so far, the memo is thought to show that the FBI used shoddy evidence (most likely prepared by the Democrats and Clinton ..The Steele Dossier) to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign with a view to damaging it.

This was a partisan strike at a presidential contender, and would certainly see some major heads roll. So the Democrats are trying to discredit the memo before its release.

Their first step is to try and discredit Devin Nunes…If you can’t destroy the message, destroy the messenger. After this, they will release their own memo that will attempt to cast the information in an opposite light. And finally, they will try and resurrect the idea that the Dossier was actually valid (despite already being completely discredited).

Let’s be clear. No Democrat operators will go to prison over this. But it will achieve three important things:

  1. It will bury the Russia Collusion investigation: It won’t disappear overnight, but it will be quietly wrapped up with talk of not finding “enough” evidence to move forward.
  2. The FBI will lose some of its top names.: McCabe is already out, Wray might follow if he can’t show that he was working against the plotters and the FBI will suddenly become the best friends Trump ever had.
  3. The Democrats will try to revive the Russian connection in the MSM, but will ultimately fail.