Dems Have No Brains Says Home Depot Co-Founder

The co-founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus has hit out at Democrats saying not only that they don’t have any brains, but they are completely failing to understand what Donald Trump’s tax reforms are going to do for the economy.

Home Depot is one of the many companies that has announced that they will be paying bonuses to their employees based on the tax break they are receiving under the new regulations.

He said in an interview with Fox:

“Democrats, use your stupid brains. You don’t have any brains and don’t understand what happens,” he said.

“This is not going to turn overnight. Corporations are not going to open 14 buildings overnight. Come on, give me a break, you’ve got to use your brains,” when talking about the economy.

And he is right. The Democrats seem unable to grasp the value of a $1000 bonus and the difference this makes to actual real people. They also seem to lack the capacity to realise that when a corporation gets tax breaks they actually pay more tax overall because they are not trying to hide it in offshore foundations.

Or do they understand the benefit, and are just refusing to admit that Trump has done something for the regular folk that they are unwilling and unable to do?

Pelosi has described the $1000 bonuses as crumbs. With her own estimated wealth at $29 million, I’m sure it is crumbs to her, but to millions of hardworking Americans, this money can make a huge positive difference.