Dems Would Rather Starve Puerto Ricans Than Make Trump Look Good!

There is a government shutdown coming that will likely embarrass the president. And the Dems are desperate for it to happen. So desperate are they, in fact, that they are quite willing to let poor, disaster-ridden Puerto Ricans suffer and starve to ensure it happens.

In an effort to keep the government open, Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise put out an offer of billions of dollars to the Democrats for funding for Puerto Rican disaster relief. They turned it down!

Let this sink in.

The party that claims to want to help people is refusing an offer of over $4billion just so they can make Trump look bad!

“Jenniffer Gonzalez fought hard every step of the way to get as much help for Puerto Rico as possible into this bill, and she was also successful in getting an agreement from Republican leadership to include a full two-year [matching-contribution] waiver for Puerto Rico, but House Democrats rejected that offer in the final hours of negotiations,” Scalise said in a statement. “We were very disappointed in Democrat leadership for turning their backs on Puerto Rico.”

These are not the caring and sharing humanitarians they claim to be. They are monsters who will do anything they can to further their sick agenda.

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