DNC Going for 25th Amendment Impeachment

The DNC is launching their 2020 campaign right now by aiming to get Trump kicked out of office using the 25th Amendment. Their weapon in this is Yale Psychiatrist, Dr. Bandy X. Lee.

The “good Dr” briefed a team of lawmakers (all DNC ber one) a few weeks ago on the current state of President Trump’s mind…And she managed this without even having a consultation. This is a direct violation of the “Goldwater Rule” as put forward by the APA stating no diagnosis can be given without a direct examination.

But the DNC don’t actually want to get Trump out with the 25th, they just want to destroy his reelection by making it look to a confused bunch of voters that he WILL be kicked out.

It’s time for true conservatives to start the fightback now. We know what their plans are, we know what weapons they intend to use, and we also have not just the truth on our side, but the real facts.

Dr. Lee claims to not be interested in “partisan politics” yet on her Twitter feed, she boasts about how well the “cause” is going, and how the next steps are coming soon. She is an operative working for the downfall of the president.

Why can’t they just come up with better ideas? Because they are ideologues who favor┬ácultural Marxism and don’t want to admit it openly. They will not be satisfied until the very constitution is destroyed.


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