If You Don’t Apologize for Being White You’re a Racist – BLM

The very latest idiocy from Black Lives Matter is that if you are a white person who doesn’t apologize for being born the color you, then this is a racist act. No, I’m not kidding. I wish I were.

At Boston College, a group of BLM activists began raging and talked about calling the police after they discovered a post that said: “I want you to love who you are. Don’t apologize for being white.” Apparently, they see this as a form of racial aggression and a hate crime.

Let’s examine this. Nobody should apologize for being born (it was unintentional on their part); people should only apologize when they have done something wrong…this is how a proper civilized society works. How is it in any way offensive to say that you shouldn’t hate yourself for being born who you are?

Now clearly these were not the main movers and shakers in the Industry now known as BLM, but it is certainly reflective of the victimized attitude and open hatred expressed by members and followers.

There is a pervasive idea sweeping America that suggests it is wrong to be proud of the achievements of your race if you are white, and that the love of your country, it’s history and culture is something to be ashamed of. Should people acknowledge that their predecessors have done bad things, sure, why not? As long as it is not only one group that’s being asked to do it.

What’s needed is a fairer society that works for everyone equally in terms of the OPPORTUNITY it provides. We should all stand together to fight against lack of access to opportunity, but that’s not what BLM want. They want equality of OUTCOMES, and that is not in anyone’s realm to give (nor should it be).

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