Dove’s New Ad Sparks Cries of Racism

Welcome to the world of the perpetually offended. Next under fire is the company Dove for releasing an ad that many on social media have claimed is racist.

In the ad, a black woman strip of her top and her skin to reveal a white woman, and then the white woman strips off to reveal an Asian woman. Apparently, this is racist. But would it be racists if the black woman were last in line, or after the white woman? If not, then it is clearly not racist except to those who seek insult everywhere they look.

The ad was apparently trying to show that it was suitable for all skin types. Would complainers be happy if they just targeted their products at one race? or would they also find offense n that?

The world is living in fear of putting a step wrong and of being misinterpreted. When will a company grow some b*** and say point blank: This is not a racial thing. If you think it is, it’s because you’re searching for it everywhere!

But they never will. The Intersectionality industry is fully in control and will only be happy when all free thinkers are cowed and hiding away. It is part of a larger battle to destroy free thought, free expression, and free speech through fascist techniques.

It’s time to stand up to those that would seek to deny us our right to think freely. Orwell warned of it, and here it is!


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