Election Day – Jones Leads Moore in Final Poll

The last poll by Fox news before the historic Alabam Senate race taking place today came out, and it doesn’t look good for Roy Moore. According to the polls, Doug Jones, the Democrat candidate has a 10 point lead, but how likely is it that he’ll actually win?

Both candidates have been under a dark cloud during their campaigns. Moore has been beset by a series of allegations against him, and Jones has been caught race-baiting on several occasions.  But when it comes to the final vote, is it past transgressions that the voters will be looking at, or the future damage.

The accusations against Moore are all from over 30 years ago, and unprovable. But we do know for a fact that Jones will vote for legislation that supports easier access to abortions, race-based identity politics, and of course, be a puppet for the Democrat machine.

Voters have to choose between voting for the past or voting for the future.

As with many polls, they are often wrong (just consider the poll that gave Clinton a 90% plus chance of winning the presidency), and this may just be the same situation now.

Nobody wants to be looked down on or questioned on their decisions and character. So when asked in a poll if they would vote for someone who has been accused of being a child molester (even though they don’t believe the accusations, they might not tell the questioner who they are really voting for.

I don’t like to make predictions, but this time I think Moore will take the win with a 4% lead.

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