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Ellen DeGeneres is a Massive Hypocrite

TV host and political “activist” Ellen DeGeneres who has spoken so often on the innate sexism of men and the evils of maleness has been outed as a massive hypocrite. She even recently ran a show that highlighting the sexual harassment that comes from men and condemned it utterly. And then she went and did the exact same thing she has been railing against. Will she apologize and take responsibility? Or will she make excuses and blame men?

In a photograph of her and Katy Perry, DeGeneres is captured “gorking” at Perry’s breasts with an open-mouthed expression. She tweeted the picture out with a message:

“Happy birthday, @KatyPerry! It’s time to bring out the big balloons!”

The “big balloons” in question clearly implying ms. Perry’s breasts. So this is obviously an act of objectifying a woman. Is it bad? Did DeGeneres run a TV show all about how she should be ashamed of herself? Of course not.

She has used anti-sexual harassment campaigns to build her image and enrichen herself whilst at the same time engaging in acts that she supposedly condemns. What a hypocrite.

But DeGeneres is not alone in this. Much of Hollywood, and indeed, the country is in an uproar over Harvey Weinstein’s long history of sexual assaults, but where were the voices when it was going on? They were silent. Because he was on the left, and those who didn’t say anything were complicit.

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