ESPN Gets Racist On President Trump!

Jemele Hill, ESPN host, has landed in the middle of an uproar of her own making after just straight out calling President Donald Trump a White Supremacist. The co-host of The Sports Centre seems to think that this is acceptable talk without providing any evidence.

ESPN is struggling massively already because they have become overly politicised. The viewership is dropping at a too fast rate, and profits are falling. There are several factors at play here with relation to Hill’s comments.

  1. Black Lives Matter has been calling for all “activists” to stop using the term “racist” and begin using the term “white supremacist.” Why they are doing this is pretty clear. They want to single out racism from white people only. They don’t want any discussion on the massive amounts of racism from non-white folk. They want all of the ills of the world to only be associated with white folk.
  2. ESPN do not want to g against Colin Kaepernick. They agree with him and support him, and in fact, do not like America. They want it shaped in the liberal image and will actively work for that.
  3. They think they will gain more support from the left by berating Donald Trump, but they don’t realise that the left is not their main customer base.

Hill is a disgrace to the nation. Using language that creates division and hatred of white folk to gain favour for herself and ESPN.

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