Even CNN Says the Dems Have Got it Wrong on DACA

It looks like the Dems have really messed up with their decision to shut down the government. IN a poll conducted for CNN (of all groups), the data shows that they seriously underestimated and overestimated voter beliefs.

The poll shows that a majority of voters would rather the Dems voted to pass a budget over seeking protections for DACA recipients. While the Dems may think DACA is a key priority for voters, the poll shows that more people would rather have a functioning government.

Not only this, but regarding the wall, only one in six voters say that NOT building a wall on the southern US/Mexico border should be a priority over DACA. Basically that they would rather the Dems gave in on the wall to provide DACA protections.

It gets worse!

Now that the shutdown has happened, the CHIP program is also closed down. 80% of Americans said that they prioritize CHIP over DACA, suggesting again that the Dems should have made a deal.

We all know that a poll from CNN is likely to skewed by using loaded language or emphasis on certain questions (for example ” building a fence along the ENTIRE southern border”), but if their figures are showing more support for Dems making a deal with Trump, we can all but guarantee the support nationally is pretty huge.

If the Dems want to salvage any chance of success in the 2018 midterms, they need to start listening to their voter base.