Everyone’s response to Charlottesville IS WRONG!

After the tragic death and attack of people during a “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia, news agencies, politicians, and the usual suspects on Social Media have been reacting to events and reacting to other’s reactions. But the problem is…Not a single person’s reaction is of any real use.

People are condemningĀ groups, and they are condemning other lack of condemnation or the vociferousness of said condemnations. What they should be doing is something useful. This constant back and forth of blame and recrimination does no one any good, and in fact, just leadsĀ to more division in society.

Two things need to start happening:

  1. The conservatives need to start going after the racists. It’s no good letting the Left do it because they only scream and screech about how deplorable all people who aren’t on the left are. People on the right need to take the fight to the White Supremacists and debate them. We need to destroy their ideas by exposing them as poor ideas with no logical basis.
  2. Conservatives need to start calling out the Left for their lack of engagement n proper argument. It is only through real debate (not virtue signaling and political point scoring) that real progress will be made.

We have the right ideas, and we’re smart enough to put those ideas across…It’s time for the Right to make the moral case.

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