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The Fake WikiLeaks Scandal

The MSM are running interference this morning under the guise of a scandal involving President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and WikiLeaks. The fake scandal here is that Trump Jr. sent messages back and forth with WikiLeaks. Here’s the reality.

Don Jr. did respond to Twitter messages from WikiLeaks, why wouldn’t he? It’s not a crime. He has even published the whole exchange of messages himself to show that nothing untoward was happening. In fact, it appears to amount to nothing more than WikiLeaks asking him to make sure his dad sees the Tweets they have already put out into the public sphere!

If I asked you to forward a Tweet to someone, would that be evidence of a crime? Or even a whiff of a scandal?

Many in the MSM are in a lather because the president Tweeted about the Tweets just 15 MINUTES AFTER THEY CAME OUT! Oh My God! You mean to say that the president happened to look at his Twitter feed? What a scandal!

This is just more fake hyperbole. They want the voting public to see enemies everywhere and have the thoughts of conspiracy at all times in the back of their minds. So they make scandals out of nothing. They want to coerce the public into a state of fear and readiness to believe anything they put out. They want you to be willing receptacles for their bilious spoutings of trash.

And all this, because they backed the wrong horse in an election.

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