Family Ordered to Remove Christmas Display Because it is “Offensive”

A family in Pennslyvania has been ordered to remove their Christmas display because it was found to be “offensive” by a neighbor. Part of their display has the name “Jesus” written on a board (which makes sense as you would certainly write a birthday card with the person’s name on it, wouldn’t you?).

Mark and Lynn Wivvel made a statement:

“As part of our Christmas decoration, we would display the name Jesus to point out to everyone that we in this family believe that the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus,” which makes perfect sense! Christmas, above all else, celebrates the birth of Jesus.

The local Housing Association told the family to remove the sign as it was not part of a “normal” decoration that they find acceptable. Bud Vance of the HA said:

“After taking a look at it, it isn’t in accordance with normal Christmas decorations.”

This is a ridiculous campaign to destroy not Christmas, but Christianity. The idea of Christianity has become so abhorrent to the left that they see any expression of faith as an attack on themselves. But if this were about another religion, do you think they would be so quick to condemn and demand?

The US was built on Judeo-Christian values, this is an attack by cultural Marxists who want to see America destroyed and rebuilt in their “progressive image.” And they can’t do this because their ideas are not strong enough or even good enough. They must first destroy what exists to replace with something that couldn’t exist elsewhere.

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