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FBI Arrest: Teen Threatens to Murder Students While Posing as White Person

18-year-old Josiah Leach has been arrested by the FBI for one of the most racist crimes of 2017.   It all started when the South Burlington High School decided to change their team name.   Many felt that the name “Rebel” was racist.   After making the decision, the school received several death threats.   An email was sent out with a list of people that were on a “Murder list.”  The suspect, who turned out to be African-America, put himself on this list.   You’ll see in a moment he was doing this to frame white people for the crime.

After sending an email, Leach sent the school a video.  The video names 5 staff members and 11 students that are on a “murder list.” The video says everything could have been avoided if the school kept the “rebel” name. If you pause the video at certain points, you’ll notice Leach even edited in white hands to frame white people:

If you freeze the above video you’ll see this:

There’s no disputing it, the African-American suspect edited in white hands to make it appear that a white man was making the threats against black people. The suspect put his own name on the list. That raises the question…

If white people are as racist why do people have to keep inventing racism?

Due to the threats, the South Burlington High School was locked down for 3 days. The FBI were notified, they immediately began investigating the case. They got help from various Internet Service Providers, Security experts, and even Microsoft. They were able to trace the video and emails back to Josiah Leach. Police arrested him just after 8:30PM on Friday:

“The FBI working with the South Burlington Police have made an arrest in the SBHS student and teacher threatening case. An individual is in police custody.” – South Burlington Police

Press conference:

Source: NBC 5
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