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FBI: Black Lives Matter and Liberal Media Inspiring Police Killings

An internal FBI investigation revealed what was inspiring police shootings across the nation.  After the lengthy investigation, the FBI was able to narrow it down to 3 critical factors. The report said that an anti-police wave following the 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., is what drove most of those accused of killing law enforcement officers in 2016. In 53 shootings, 60 police were killed last year. The report studied 50 of 64 killings of police in 2016 and found 14 simply wanted to kill police.

Top 3 Reasons Police Are Targeted:

  • -Black Lives Matter movement
  • -The media’s assault on police shootings
  • -Criticism from politicians

“The assailants inspired by social and/or political reasons believed that attacking police officers was their way to ‘get justice’ for those who had been, in their view, unjustly killed by law enforcement. The assailants said they were influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement.” – FBI Report

Time to declare #blacklivesmatter a domestic terrorist organization

One of the most elite US government agencies has just said #blacklivesmatter inspires people to shoot police. Their statement came after a lengthy investigation. The FBI is very well trained, and have access to tools and information that you and I will never see in our lifetime. If they came to this conclusion, it is time to declare #blacklivesmatter a domestic terrorist organization. They inspire acts of terrorism against our country’s law.

Politicians and the Media

The report also said the police do not trust politicians anymore. Police felt betrayed after politicians stood against them while standing with groups like #blacklivesmatter. The police also felt that the politicians’ words and actions showed that disrespecting law enforcement was the thing to do:

“Nearly every police official interviewed agreed that for the first time, law enforcement not only felt that their national political leaders publicly stood against them, but also that the politicians’ words and actions signified that disrespect to law enforcement was acceptable in the aftermath of the Brown shooting. Police officials across the country agreed that while the majority of Americans still support law enforcement, this change in social mores allows assailants to become more emboldened to question, resist, and fight law enforcement.” – FBI

The report wasn’t too easy on the liberal media either. The report accuses the media of inspiring hatred towards police by reporting only partial facts. It accuses the media of only reporting half the story, and then finishes by saying “Defiance appears to be the rule:”

“Due to the coverage of the high-profile police incidents, it appears that immediately following the incidents, assailants were constantly exposed to a singular narrative by news organizations and social media of police misconduct and wrong-doing. In many cases, this singular narrative came from the subject’s friends and family, and witnesses to the incident who often knew the subject, long before law enforcement provided their findings to the public. Without law enforcement and elected officials providing an alternative narrative, assailants developed a distrust of law enforcement, and felt emboldened and justified in using violence against police.

Defiance appears to be the rule.” – FBI

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Source: Washington Examiner
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