FBI Informant was Working on Uranium One Case for Years – It’s Evidence At Last!

Documents have emerged that show the FBI was actively investigating the Uranium One scandal for many years prior to several corruption convictions in 2014. The papers show unequivocally that the State Department and Obama Administration knew that dodgy deals were happening and that they chose to proceed anyway.

It has been argued by those who want to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison, that the corruption only happened AFTER the deal to sell off America’s Uranium supply, but the papers say differently, in fact, they show that the government was fully aware and went ahead anyway furthering Russia’s ambition to make the US more dependent on them.

Also, these documents seem to show that AG Jeff Sessions misrepresented what the Justice Department knew. Sessions wasn’t involved in the DOJ at the time, so why would he obfuscate on this? Like Rep. Ron DeSantis, said:

“Attorney General Sessions seemed to say that the bribery, racketeering, and money laundering offenses involving Tenex’s Vadim Mikerin occurred after the approval of the Uranium One deal by the Obama administration. But we know that the FBI’s confidential informant was actively compiling incriminating evidence as far back as 2009.”

Something stinks to high heaven. The facts are that the government was made aware by an FBI informant years in advance that the deal was being done to undermine the US, yet the government went ahead with it anyway. The FBI had all this under investigation, yet the government ignored all of the warnings and advice. Why would they do that? Was it personal gain financially that they were after? Or was it something far more sinister?

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