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FBI Uncover Russian Bribery in Obama Administration

We keep hearing about allegations of Russian collusion and backroom deals regarding the Trump campaign, yet no evidence has ever been found. So why are the media ignoring the very real bribery scandal that took place under Obama’s rule?

The FBI have uncovered something very strange that happened in 2010, right before a fifth of the US uranium reserves were sold off to the Russians. It appears that the Russians had been bribing a firm connected to the deal, and yet the deal still went ahead.

Doesn’t it seem like there is some partisanship at play here? In what universe is it acceptable to not only give a foreign government control over large amounts of a deadly substance but also to ignore the criminal acts to make the deal possible?

The double standards applied to what is and is not acceptable are a stain on the reputation of law enforcement and the government agencies that back them up. It is just not good enough to say that they will hound one president over unsubstantiated rumors while letting another completely off the hook for real and verifiable crimes.

This is Deep State operation at its worst. The people involved in the Trump investigation are involved in persecution, nothing less. They do not have the interests of Americans or the US at heart, it is a political circus.

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