Federal Abuse Under Obama Destroying his “Legacy”

As more an more information comes out about the use of FISA warrants, Barack Obama’s “legacy” is in danger and under threat. Beginning with the Devin Nunes memo, we discovered that the main evidence given to the FISA court was a dossier (the Steele Dossier) that had been paid for by Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the FBI.

The left tried to say this was all nonsense because the original FISA warrant came about because of Carter Page. But this s not as simple as it seems. Carter Page worked for several years as an informant and plant for the FBI (this is not a conspiracy theory, check it out, he was on the payroll to deal with the Russians). He then gravitated towards the Trump campaign…Remembering that he has been working for the FBI for several years, does this not seem suspicious?

And who was aware of the whole thing?…Apparently, Barack Obama.

According to text messages exchanged between FBI officials Peter Strxok and Nicola Page, “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing”…He wanted to know exactly what they were doing as they were setting up their “insurance policy” against a President Trump.

The web gets wider and is bringing more and more people in from Obama’s inner circle.

We can assume one of two things…Either Obama knew what was taking place and is therefore complicit in trying to cheat the nation…or he knew nothing and was, therefore, the most misguided and useless president we have ever had.