Felons About to Get the Vote!

6.1 million people in the United States are not allowed to vote…That’s roughly 2.5% of the nation’s adult voters. The reason is that they are felons. They have been convicted and sentenced for crimes that are more serious than just misdemeanours. But now it looks like Virginia lawmakers are paving the way to allow them the automatic right to vote in elections.

States vary in their rules on how felons regain their voting rights. Some return them on release from prison, some return them on the end of their sentences (including parole), and others have a time period. But here’s the thing, with recidivism rates at almost two thirds, many of these felons are going to commit another crime..and probably very soon.

Why should people who have committed crimes against society be allowed a say in how that society is run? They have forfeited that right. Until they can stay out of trouble for several years after their parole, they have not proved themselves worthy of a right that our nation’s heroes have fought and died for.

The left is using examples of folk who have gone on to do well after person and become model citizens…BUT THESE ARE IN THE MINORITY! This is a fact. The vast majority go on to commit more crimes.

This devalues the vote you have. If you hurt society, you shouldn’t have a say in how that society functions.


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