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The Fightback: Manafort Sues Mueller

Paul Manafort who was charged with lying to the FBI by Robert Muller’s investigation into possible Trump Russia collusion has decided to fight back against what he sees as an overreach of the investigation.

“The actions of DOJ and Mr. Rosenstein in issuing the Appointment Order, and Mr. Mueller’s actions pursuant to the authority the Order granted him, were arbitrary, capricious, and not in accordance with the law,” the lawsuit says.

And while Manafort may be guilty of some things, not a single soul has ever actually shown any evidence that he, or anyone else in the Trump Admin, has been guilty of messing around with the Russians. Is this a real example of Mueller going beyond the bounds of his remit?

Mueller has gone too far, and the left are allowing it. He had one job: to investigate if there was any collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government. He is not doing this. We are all familiar with the concept of getting dirt on someone and using it as leverage, but this is just too far gone!

Mueller’s team is tainted by anti-Trump investigators. They are actively working against democracy, law, and common decency.

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