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Firm That Commissioned “Fearless Girl” Statue To Pay $5 Million Settlement For Underpaying Women

"Fearless Girl"

Oh the hypocrisy! The financial firm that commissioned the infamous “Fearless Girl” statue has agreed to settle allegations that it paid women unfairly, after a U.S. Department of Labor probe. The statue, which stands Manhattan’s financial district, was erected opposite the iconic charging bull, in the name of women’s equality in the workplace.

According to investigators State Street Corp. paid female executives less base pay, bonus pay and total compensation than men holding the same positions. A spokeswoman for the Boston based company said that the firm disagrees with the findings, but has opted to resolve the matter.

Per the settlement agreement State Street will pay $5 million into a fund for 305 female executives and 15 black executives, that the findings conclude were also under paid.

One would think that after they so boldly declared their stance on the wage gap debate they would want to fight it. If the findings are not true, as they claim, wouldn’t they want to prove themselves to be an example? Those who live in glass houses should not virtue signal.

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